Funky Disco Please !

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The Promises - This Love Is Real

Sexy vibes straight out the 70s for greatest pleasure!

This one was first released in 1972 on BRC but we discovered it thanks to a brilliant CD that came out in 2009. It is called Windy City Soul, and you guys definitely have to check it out as it is full of 100% pure gems such as this one.

Keep it groovin’ folks!

Atlantis - Keep On Movin’ And Groovin’

1982 post-disco bomb to make your parties sound happier.

Massive thanks to our beloved Léah for bringing this up to our curious ears!

Like it? Good, then try this one as well!

Now cut the reading and go dancing folks!

Walter Murphy & The Big Apple Band - A Fifth Of Beethoven

Disco era classic… revisiting classical music !

Released in 1976.

Tracy Weber - Sure Shot

Disco had its drama. Tracy Weber’s story is one of them.

Our beloved Tracy Weber recorded Sure Shot as a demo in early 1981 after spending a few months working on it with Nick Braddy who co-wrote it.

Sadly, she never got to hear or share the success of the song as she was gunshot to death just two weeks before the record came out in a Harlem apartment by someone trying to shoot her brother.

The record were then picked up by Eric Matthew of Gary Gang’s and later mixed by Larry Levan, to be finally released thanks to Ray Caviano.

So much great potential wasted, she could have recorded so many brilliant other tracks…

Patti LaBelle - Release (scratchandsniff re-rub)

Patti LaBelle’s 1980 hit have never been so relevant since the Cold War ended. Just see for yourselves.

"May disco bring us peace worldwide."

Pleasure - Give It Up

Pleasure certainly stands among the unsung bands of 70s funk and soul. Even though they started producing some damn fine gems in 75, the main R&B radio stations just ignored them until Glide came out in 1979.

This short success did not last though, as the two albums they released afterwards : Special Things and Give It Up were ignored just like the previous ones.

As you might have guessed, the track you’re listening to is taken from their 1982 album that has the exact same name: Give It Up.


Vicki Sue Robinson - Shine Your Love On Me

Shine Your Love On Me first came out on Vicki Sue Robinson’s 4th album: Movin On’. It was released in 1979, just three years after her massive 1976 hit Turn The Beat Around.

Honnestly, even if Turn The Beat Around is very emblematic, and sounds so much like a hymn to the late 70s disco era, I don’t love it as much as I love Vicki’s other tracks like this one, Daylight or We Can Do Almost Anything to mention only a few!

Let us know what do you think on our Facebook page folks!

interview with The Supermen Lovers - Badaboum (Paris) Dec. 20th

The Supermen Lovers - Take a Chance (Radio Edit)

We have had the great opportunity, honor, and pleasure to meet with Guillaume Atlan - aka The Supermen Lovers - right after his concert at Badaboum Paris this winter.

For those of you who don’t know him, he actually is the guy behind this absolutely amazing track released in 2001 called Starlight, one of the best 00s records in our humble opinion. Now you remember, don’t you?

Since then he kept producing, and released 3 pretty cool albums. The last one was released in 2011 and is called Between The Ages. We really loved the “era mixing” part of it, he did really well to incorporate a disco touch into it! There even is a featuring with Norma Jean Wright (ex-Chic), and another one with Rick Bailey (ex-Delegation), which is the track featured on this post.

So 3 years after his latest album release, we thought it was a great idea to meet with him and talk about his ongoing projects, and what we found out might interest you guys!


We noticed that the music sounded much more housy tonight compared to your other venues we attended. Are the Supermen Lovers becoming more housy, or are my ears just getting old?

Well, I don’t really feel like it. You probably thought so because we had no singers tonight, but don’t you worry, The Supermen Lovers is still funky as hell!

Just like all the times I saw you playing it, C’est Bon made everyone lose their minds. This track is a true dancefloor killer, so do you have any other projects going on with Herr Styler?

Yeah, I’ll be playing bass for his next live!

Your latest album came out 3 years ago, are you currently preparing something?

Yeah, I am actually preparing a new album! I hope that I will be able to release it at the end of 2014, I want to do things well though, so if it’s not ready at this time, I’ll delay the release!
Just like this live, the album should be more instrumental, there will not be too much vocals on it.

Advance - Take Me To The Top

Post-disco bomb! Let yourself go to this Italian 1982 vibe!

Stargard - Wear It Out (Scratchandsniff Re-rub)

Another brilliant edit from our beloved re-ruber: scratchandsniff!

The original version that was released in 1979 is available just here, not as intense as this one though, especially at the end and during the chorus, but see for yourself!

Release the dancing beast that sleeps inside of you folks!

Sample Stories - Episode 16

Leon Haywood - I Want’a Do Something Freaky To You // Snoop Dogg - Nuthin’ But A G Thang

90s rap producers are known for being talented at creating brilliant tunes using soul and funk samples. Notorious B.I.G created Juicy by sampling an MTUME’s track, Ice Cube sampled The Isley Brothers in order to have a good-good day, but there is a character limit to this post so we’ll stop here!

Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg are no exception to the rule! They used this Leon Haywood's 1975 hit you’re listening to to create this track that I assume I don’t have to mention the name as you certainly already know it!

Coffee - My Turn To Burn

When it comes to post-disco, the Chicago based band Coffee certainly deserves its place on the top ten bands list!

These dancing vibes first came out on De-Lite Records in 1982 on a dedicated EP as well as on Second Cup, Coffee’s LP we already wrote about.

"It’s been a while, long time no see!"

Loleatta Holloway - The World Don’t Owe You Nothing

Soul bomb released on Loleatta’s 1975 LP Cry To Me that I strongly recommend you get!

You’ve got to love it!

JKriv & The Disco Machine - Make It Hot

Now folks, prepare yourselves for one of the coolest tunes we’ve heard in the last twelve months! Perfectly balanced, smooth kick, hot vocals, and above all: sexy break that will make you scream!

That gem was originally released The High Fidelity Sound EP but it just came out again on a brilliant compilation called Original & Unreleased Vol. 1 released on the mid-2012 established label: File Under Disco.

We picked that one, but the whole EP is amazing (actually so amazing that it was pretty hard to pick one of its track to present it!). But don’t believe me, check for yourself by clicking here, and/or there. Convinced? Cool, then get the whole thing from Juno and put your dancing shoes on!

Now we assume that if you like that track as much as we do, you might be willing to check some other productions that JKriv did. You can have a try with that one we wrote about last year! Make sure to follow File Under Disco on Facebook and Soundcloud as well, they are the label that released that gem!

"Je sais que tu me veux !"